Students: Options Available to Raise a Complaint of Sexual Misconduct

There are several ways that a complaint of sexual misconduct may be raised:

File an Anonymous Report or Confidential Report to MIT Violence Prevention & Response Team, MIT Police or with a Title IX Coordinator

Individuals who wish to anonymously inform the Institute of a case of sexual misconduct by a MIT student or MIT employee may report an incident by contacting the following:

You can contact the MIT Violence Prevention & Response Team 24-hour advocate hotline: (617-253-2300),

You can contact the Ombuds Office. The Ombuds Office does not provide notice under Title IX to the Institute, but does help improve knowledge about sexual misconduct within the MIT community and can help in reviewing the effectiveness of relevant policies and procedures.

You can contact the MIT Police. The MIT Police form can be found at:

You can access the Institute Hotline at:

You can contact a Title IX Coordinator or Investigator,

Informal Options

There are informal options available to students to try to address certain student misconduct. Mediation is a confidential informal option in which both the complainant and the respondent are helped by a trained mediator to reach a resolution. Mediation is designed to resolve complaints efficiently and to the mutual satisfaction of all parties involved. Mediators are trained to be neutral and not to take sides with either person. Resolutions reached are often put into writing. They also are not kept by the Institute, nor are they monitored or enforced by the Institute, unless specifically stated in the written agreement. Mediation can be especially useful where there are differences in perception or values or when the complainant wants to protect one's privacy. This is a voluntary process for everyone involved and will be pursued only with the consent of both parties. It is important to note that mediation is not appropriate for certain cases, including those involving allegations of sexual assault, even on a voluntary basis.

In cases where mediation is deemed to be an option, a complainant wishing to pursue mediation should contact the Office of Student Citizenship at 617-258-8423. If the parties are unable to reach a resolution, the complainant may elect to file a formal complaint with the Committee on Discipline.

File a Formal Complaint

Against Student: An individual can elect to pursue a formal complaint against another student with the Office of Student Citizenship. A formal complaint will be reviewed by The Chair of the Committee on Discipline (“COD”). If the Chair decides that a hearing is appropriate after review of the complaint and an investigative report, a formal hearing will be scheduled before the COD. Every effort will be made to convene a hearing as soon as practicable following the conclusion of the investigation and ideally, within 60 calendar days (when MIT is in session) after the receipt of the complaint. If a formal hearing takes place, the hearing procedures set forth in the COD’s Rules and Regulations will apply. A copy of the COD Rules and Regulations can be viewed at

Against Employee: An individual student can elect to pursue a complaint against a Department or an MIT employee with a Title IX Coordinator or with Central Human Resources. The procedures can be found at

Use of Alcohol

While MIT does not condone underage drinking or violation of other MIT policies, MIT recognizes that sometimes students are reluctant to report an incident of sexual misconduct because of a concern that they will be charged with a policy violation, such as underage alcohol consumption. The safety and well-being of students is MIT’s primary concern and to encourage reporting of sexual misconduct, any other policy violations will be addressed separately from a sexual assault allegation.